shaking and trembling

April 6, 2013 Life  No comments

Most of my life I’ve wondered what in the world Paul meant when he would say things like, “I was with you in weakness and in fear and with much trembling,” (1 Cor. 2:3) referring, of course, to his attitude of fear for The Lord, not the Corinthians, but no answer would suffice. Nothing quite added up to an efficient answer for me. I read Joy Dawson’s “Intimate Relationship with God” which was almost solely focused upon the fear of the Lord, but even from her depth of understanding there was still a piece missing for me, and I couldn’t put my finger on it. So I took a walk, immediately after finishing the book I might add, and asked God what it was that was missing. After about 15 minutes of prayer and contemplation the answer finally hit me. God’s love is holy. I’d been so stuck on this idea that God’s love was only kind and compassionate–which it is, but we as humans don’t really understand, and never will until the day we enter into Paradise, what true kindness and compassion is. God’s love is more purifying than a hot flame, more passionate than the ocean, and more righteous than the angels.

Imagine a good father who has two children. One of his children is harassing the other so naturally the father, being a good parent, comes to the victim child’s aid and defends him by some course of action from his other child. If he is a good father he’s not just coming to the defense of the victim, but to defend the perpetrator child from himself so he doesn’t continue to have delinquent¬†behavior the rest of his life. If the children are older the good father may throw the one out of his house for the same reason, completely out of love, though such a drastic, necessary course of action would hurt immensely.¬†The same is true of God. His love burns for us with righteousness and holiness. A love that desires us to be happy, but in order for us to be truly happy we have to be without spot or blemish because this is our intended, our original, state as human beings.

The conclusion I came to was that you cannot separate God’s holy love from the fear of the Lord. You won’t really understand at all what it means to fear God if you don’t put it in it’s proper place. I now understand the fear of the Lord as realizing what He will do to defend others from us and defend us from ourselves if the occasion arises where that is necessary, which it is daily, and to fear His discipline or even removal from His presence. You mess with one of God’s kid’s, yourself included, and God will come after you like a good daddy should.

This is not a complete thought, there is a good bit more to the subject that I’m excited to talk about, but that will best be left for later. For now let this bounce around in your head a bit and challenge yourself to think of God’s holy love from a different perspective.


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