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December 16, 2012 Prayer Requests  35 comments

This is a place where you may submit prayer requests publicly, so everyone that’s a part of our community may be aware and pray for you.

If you wish to submit a prayer request privately, you may write us directly by clicking the “contact” link to the left hand side of the website.

35 comments to prayer wall

  • Melissa Cruz says:

    My 6 mo. old granddaughter Laura was diagnosed with a brain tumor, the doctors say there is nothing they can do but let her die comfortably. She needs a miracle and I know they do happen. I attached a link to my son’s Facebook account if you can please go there.
    Please pray for her and the parents. I thank you. Thank you.

  • Jason Nelson says:

    would appreciate just prayer in general plz. i have stuff going on daily. need prayers of strength, courage, & guidance.

  • Amanda Rose says:

    My childhood friend Carolyn is in desperate need of prayer. I have lifted her up to the Lord many times now, but a little extra help would be fantastic. He spared her life just last week as she was unconscious and non-responsive for 24 hours in the hospital after consuming far too much alcohol. Carolyn is suffering from a crippling eating disorder and self-sabotaging thoughts/behavior. I pray that Carolyn comes to know the grace of God and see Him move in her life- for He is so much greater than what she is going through. Please pray for a breakthrough, this beautiful 20 year old has so much more to offer this world. Her time is not now.

    • Tim Riley Tim Riley says:

      Absolutely Amanda! Praying for breakthrough and that she may feel God’s sovereign love that covers her.

  • Valerie says:

    Please pray for my husband Brian Ray, he has a job interview friday. He has a couple interviews but none that fit with our family schedule/ church schedule except this one. Please help us pray for Gods will & favor.

  • natahn says:

    Hi I am nathan jehoma I need pray for my mom she is very ill it her diabetes an its very bad this tym around she’s got holes in her arms now an the last time it took long to heal please pray with me for her. Then its me I saw a shop that I want to be my own. I am haveng a meeting with the people that own it can u pray for me to an if I get the place let I find rite pl to work for me thanks u

    • Tim Riley Tim Riley says:

      We’re praying Nathan! Did you have the meeting yet?

  • Kshama yadav says:

    I need urgent prayer for my friend and for his mom. They have heavy burden of debt. Her mother is 58 year old and its difficult for her to bear this burden debt and poverty. There is no peace at her home. Their full day go in tension. Only god can help them. Please pray.

  • Ben Goshorn says:

    I have a strong answer to prayer to share! last Monday my brother (Patrick) went to court to potentially obtain temporary legal custody of my niece (Abby)…..AND HE DID JUST THAT!!! I want to greatly thank you for praying and helping me carry this burden as it was not an easy one. Also i want to ask for continued prayer for the mother of Abby (Eden) who is going through a rough time of feeling like she is having her daughter taken from her, part of me feels tremendously sorry for taking things to this extreme but another part of me sees that this is whats best for Abby as my families house is a better overall situation for a growing 2 1/2 year old.

    • Tim Riley Tim Riley says:

      Praise God!! Ben, Thank you for keeping us updated, it’s so encouraging and truly humbling hearing answered prayers.

      God is good. We will most definitely continue to pray for her, I can only image how difficult this is for her.

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